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Unfortunately, I have to write my first bad review today.  I went to Matteo’s Pizza and Bistro with the family and although the food tasted okay, the service was poor. My grandma and aunt were waiting for more than 45 minutes for two burgers because the kitchen printer broke and didn’t get the order.  So even though my mom and I arrived 10 minutes late, we had ordered pizza and finished eating by the time their burgers finally arrived. Our server didn’t tell them what was going on and hardly apologized for the inconvenience.  We should have stuck to Skips, where the staff is friendly, the atmosphere is fun and the burgers are exceptional.


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I love traditions.  It give me something to look forward to and also memories to look back on.  There is a particular tradition that we share with our family friends, the Morrows.  Friendships have been shared among all three generations of our families.  Our histories are partially intertwined.  That’s why it’s important that the two families go out to dinner at Pasquale’s Italian Restaurant every summer.   There is no better place to eat in the Carmichael area.  When we went this past week, we ordered a couple pitchers of beers and two larger than life pizzas:

The Chicken Supreme- extra cheese, marinated chicken, tomatoes and garlic.

Vegetarian- Extra cheese, onions, bell peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes and olives.

The chicken supreme is the better of the two, but both are delicious and filling.  This restaurant has been family owned since 1975 and the service is still great!  Whenever I’m in the mood for Italian, Pasquale’s it is.

Located at 7609 Fair Oaks Boulevard, Carmichael CA

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