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To those people who think it’s hard to eat fresh on a dime, you need to visit Pedrick’s Produce in Davis, California.  My friend Natalie, a student at UC Davis, raves about this place.  You can get a lot of fresh, local fruits and vegetables for incredibly cheap.   They also have packaged candies, chocolates, hot sauces, dried fruits and legumes.  I got a bag of yellow peaches for 49 cents a pound.  It could possibly have been the juiciest peach I’ve ever eaten.  Delicious, but I do imagine the produce would go bad if you don’t eat it right away.  I like to put mine in a vegetable fresh bag and let it work miracles in our fridge.   These bags keep lettuce, cucumber, zucchini, fruit and other delicate produce fresher for at least three times as long as it normally would.


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