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Roxy Bar and GrillI’ve always heard good things about Roxy Restaurant and Bar on Fair Oaks Blvd in Sacramento.  This week I went there for the first time and I would say the food definitely lived up to the hype.  I ordered the slow braised short rib sandwich with goat cheese, pickled fried jalapeños and steak sauce.  What a good combination of flavors!  Top it off with stringy garlic fries and a breezy afternoon in the outdoor patio- perfection.

What I liked most about this restaurant is that the menu is built around what is fresh and in season.  Their meat is sourced from Lucky Dog Ranch in Dixon.  At Lucky Dog Ranch, a natural environment and careful handling ensure that the cattle are exposed to as little stress as possible, which makes for the best tasting meat.


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I woke up this morning not knowing that today was the day I would fall in love.  But fall in love I did- with a juicy, savory, chuck/sirloin burger at Skip’s Kitchen.

Skip's Kitchen

In the time I’ve lived in Sacramento, that little corner restaurant on El Camino and Walnut has changed hands from El Palmar to BurgerInn and, nine months ago, to Skip’s Kitchen.   But this last one might just be here to stay.

Owner Skip Wahl says, “The response has been great.  We have not spent one dollar on advertising since we opened.  Yet here we are at three in the afternoon and the restaurant is two-thirds full.”

So what is his secret to success?  It’s the quality.   All the produce is from the central valley and the beef is from a ranch east of Mt. Shasta.  80% of the ingredients are made from scratch and the patties are fresh, never frozen.  It’s a gourmet meets casual dining experience.  Nothing beats that.

Instead of taking down your name or giving you a plastic number with your order, the cashier fans a deck of cards on the table.  If you pick the joker, the meal is on the house.  If not, you keep the card and that’s your order number.  They love to tell the story about a group of Camp Kids counselors who came in with a huge order, pulled their card and immediately started celebrating and cheering, only to find out their card was a Jack not a Joker.  Whoever they were, I hope Skip never lets them live that one down.

In Sacramento, food this good doesn’t go unnoticed.  My friend, Megan Lowry, first told me about Skip’s.  She raved about it- the sweet potato fries, the Three-Cheese Burger, the create-your-own ice cream sandwiches.  Now I am a loyal customer and it’s my turn to pay it forward… Skip’s for lunch anyone?

Three Cheese Burger

Three-cheese blend with blue, brie and provolone… delicious she says.

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